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Conference Testimonials

“One of the best and most visionary conferences I’ve ever attended! And also the most original … Integrative Maternity Care was a new concept to me, and one that I hope will spread around the world, opening the care of pregnant and birthing women to a wide variety of specialists with their own special gifts.”

Robbie Davis-Floyd

Prof Anthropology & Author incl Birth as an American Rite of Passage

“I want to congratulate you both on a wonderful seminar/conference. I have spoken many times within the Chiropractic profession both in New Zealand, and internationally – and I must say your conference was right up there with some of the best … We would absolutely love to be involved again … I was thrilled to have a room that was ‘standing room’ only. You ran a beautifully organised conference and it is a wonderful step in the right direction for maternity care in NZ. Well done.”

Dr Sheridan Brady-Kay

Chiropractor / Nutritionist / Lecturer

“SOMCANZ was a revelation! It brought together for the first time many allied and varied health professionals … We declared our passions in an environment of acceptance and respect and every one of us was a little differently enlightened for having been part of that.”

Linda Baker

Intelligent Health Homeopathy (and retired Midwife & Intensive Care Nurse)

“There is much to say that was positive about the day, despite the weather! The quality of your key note speakers was both informative and uplifting and the day extremely well run. The passion that the speakers bought to their topics was very moving and that was something that has stayed with me; to be with people who care so openly and deeply about their work is to be in a wonderful environment … you have worked incredibly hard to produce a very successful conference … I hope you will look at doing it again.”

Dr. Carolyn Young

Senior LMC Midwife & Lecturer

”I was very pleased with the symposium on Saturday. It was really great to have speakers from other disciplines who work to better the wellbeing of people – especially the women we care for in maternity. I was impressed with the knowledge that was passed onto the participants. I felt the break out groups worked well and the opportunities to network with participants was well organised. The sponsor groups were also well organised. Thank you for a successful inaugural gathering.”

Helen Ngatai

Midwifery Facility Manager, Waitemata DHB

“The SOMCANZ conference was a wonderful concept and completely fulfilled my expectations. To be a keynote speaker as an Obstetrician was a great honour and I felt that the aims of the conference were achieved, and more. I hope Kathy is inspired to take the concept further and that together we can inspire more of my [obstetric] colleagues to become involved.”

Emma Parry

Specialist Ob-Gyn & Clinical Director of NZ Maternal Fetal Medicine

“I thoroughly enjoyed the symposium and the opportunity to hear speakers from across a range of professional groups. I think we can be very proud of the quality of work and research in maternity care here in New Zealand and it not surprising to regularly hear from our international guests that we have a world class maternity system here.”

Dr. Robyn Maude

Midwifery Senior Lecturer

“I absolutely loved your programme, the professional tone of everything and the way it all seemed to run seamlessly. Thank you for the invitation to speak … am inspired by what you have achieved with this conference. A big thank you.”

Marianne Littlejohn

S.A. Midwife & Keynote

“It was wonderful to be part of such a positive and inspiring event. It was such a pleasure seeing how successful it was and that all the amazing effort you put into it manifested in something as great as it was.”

Loula George

Naturopath Medical Herbalist & co-director of Mother-Well Holistic Health

“It was an absolute pleasure to be involved. You both did an amazing job and should feel incredibly proud of the result, the great feedback and overall vibe of the event.”

Lizzie Jaray

Bio-Oil (Senior Brand Manager, BDM Grange)

”The SOMCANZ inaugural conference was awesome. It gave health professionals an opportunity to increase their awareness of natural solutions to support women in their journey … We all had a similar philosophy that stress has a negative impact on a women’s passage. This was a fantastic opportunity for information sharing and a collaborative response to improve national birthing statistics … You are both awesome.”

Kaylene Henderson

Naturopath & Midwife, HerHealth NZ

“I was very impressed by the professionalism of the inaugural conference on Integrated Maternity Care. The speakers were clear, precise and entertaining as well as imparting a good level of knowledge to the audience. The environment was friendly and welcoming which lead me to feel right at home amongst the various therapies and practitioners. I look forward to attending a next conference.”

Angela Wheeler

Craniosacral Therapist

“Just wanted to say thank you for such a great event on Saturday! It was so awesome to be a part of it.”

Skye Macfarlane

Martin & Pleasance (SpaTone, Bach Flower, Schessler Tissue Salts & more)

“Thanks once again for allowing and encouraging H2 Oh Baby! to be involved with your awesome inaugural event. It was a fabulous atmosphere and an awesome exciting and inspiring learning and growing environment. So lovely to see the care and attention you gave everyone – huge thoughtfulness that contributed to the overall feeling of goodwill and integrity.”

Carla Moore

H2 Oh Baby! (Birthing Pools)

“What a wonderful conference … it actually meant a lot to be there.”

Diana Hardwick-Smith

AIMA NZ Conference Manager, Naturopath (& ex Midwife)

“Great job on organizing such an event as this. It was a pleasure to participate in and you managed to mix a lot of differing modalities and schools of thought into a very congruent weekend. I’m happy to participate again.”

Brad Crouch

Naturopathic Doctor & Medical Herbalist

“The conference on Saturday was amazing! Many congratulations for all your hard work and effort. It was fun, entertaining and full of fascinating and informative talks … be proud of all your hard work.”

Alison Hedge


“I thoroughly enjoyed the first SOMCANZ conference. It was brilliantly organised from start to finish. Great speakers and an awesome networking opportunity. Thank you for all your hard work – it paid off!”

Lynda Wharton

Acupuncturist & Naturopath

“The conference was wonderful, a very satisfying and encouraging day indeed!”

Angela Worthington

Student Midwife & TummyTalk magazine editor

“Such a wonderful day … I was very moved by a particularly well done Powhiri – then both Kathy’s and Marianne’s addresses were MARVELLOUS … For the Break-Out Sessions, I chose ‘Fertility & Infertility’ and ‘DHBs Looking to the Future’ – the speakers for both sessions were excellent.”

Evelyn Skinner


“I soo enjoyed the conference from start to finish. It was very professionally run yet family friendly, well organised. The speakers were all high class. It was hard to choose the concurrent sessions as so many interesting topics. The exhibits were all interesting and relevant. I will definitely recommend this conference when on again.”

Barbara Brinsdon

Self-Employed Midwife

“Thank you very much. It was my pleasure to attend.”

Joanna Clarke

Naturopath, Health & Herbs

“It was great to be involved in such a fantastic event! …We look forward to hearing about future SOMCANZ occasions.”

Holly Campin

Sleep Drops

“Delighted it went so well … Look forward to involvement next time.”

Bounty NZ

“It was our pleasure to be involved … it was successful. We look forward to working with you again.”

Sara Mason


“Had a great time. Good to have such a mix of health professionals.”

Lesley Hinson

Self-Employed Midwife

“Thanks … Keep us posted on the next event”.

The Sleep Store

“Absolutely loved being there to be inspired by your speakers! When Robbie [Dr Davis-Floyd] cracked up I was grateful that it was not only me who does this … many thanks.”

Heather Bruce


“It was great to get together and hear from so many fantastic speakers … should have been over 2-3 days (!) I would have loved to hear Brad talk for longer.”

Ruth Davison


“I enjoyed the meeting and it had a very positive vibe re childbirth.”

Dr. Tina

Obstetric Registrar

“What I enjoyed was bumping into colleagues that I had lost contact with … The midwifery student who spoke at the end was my highlight.”

Erin Hudson

Snr Lecturer, South Pacific College of Natural Medicine

”Thank you so much for letting us as a profession contribute at SOMCANZ on Saturday … the conference was fabulously run … We really appreciated the process leading up the symposium, it was a great experience all round.”

Katie & Janette


“Had a great time on Saturday! Great to hear what we believe in being shared with others. I would have loved to keep listening to so much of what they had to say … I would gladly have had shorter meal breaks and heard more from the speakers.”

Michelle Nasey

Manager, Helensville Birthing Centre

“You guys did an amazing job.”

Jane Cronin

Clinicians (Nutrition Support)

“Thank you for the weekend. For me I felt inspired and refreshed with the model of midwifery care that I aspire to.”

Diane Klomp

Self-Employed Midwife

“Left feeling energised and taken aback with the passion and knowledge shared. Looking forward to more.”

Irene Chain-Kalinowski

Midwife & Author

“Thank you both so much for inviting Caroline and I to be part of the Conference, and for looking after us so well – we had a great time!”

Georgina Evers-Swindell

Olympic Gold Medallists & Gala Dinner speakers