Research Reviews

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Here at IIMHCO we do believe IM (Integrative Medicine) should not continue to refer to Itself as “Complementary” (ie combined with allopathic), and we believe IM should not refer to Itself as “Alternative” (ie an unconventional substitution). In reality oftentimes the Complementary/Alternative treatment alone can be the complete remedy, and the Remedy itself is oftentimes substantially more ancient and proven than the modern equivalent pharmaceutical Drug.

We suggest a modernising of terminology to be:

  • TCHTs (Traditional & Contemporary Holistic Therapies) 
  • MMTs (Modern Medical Treatments)

Our dedicated voluntary Team troll the internet and university sites, seeking out relevant Abstracts, to inform you of the latest research in perinatal IM.

We pride ourselves on striving to promote pragmatic ‘real-world’ research; new knowledge; innovative methodologies; clinical hypothesis of unique insights; and novel findings yet to be explored that warrant attention.

We also welcome receiving Case Presentations.