CONFERENCE POSTPONED
                                 It was with much sadness we needed to postpone our March 2020 Maternity Natural Health Symposium.
                                                                   We will advise, as soon as feasible, the new dates for this event


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Here at IIMHCO we are currently finalizing the Keynote Speakers for this upcoming next conference on Integrative Maternity Healthcare.

We are thrilled with the calibre of international experts who are showing tremendous interest to attend this global summit ‘Downunder’ – and we are well aware of the extraordinary local gurus too.

It is a big task coordinating everyone, but here is a taste of what’s to come…


We are very much looking forward to welcoming again one of our absolute favourite “goddesses of midwifery” Elizabeth Davis,who has been a true pioneer on women’s issues since the late 1970s. She is the author of six books, including the iconic “Heart and Hands: A Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth,” now in it’s 5th updated edition (2019).

Her other bestselling work, “Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying and Pleasurable Birth Experience,” has been translated into eight languages. Elizabeth served as representative for the Midwives Alliance of North America, and as President of the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council for the USA, and is Co-Founder of the National Midwifery Institute Inc., where she currently serves as the instructor of the Heart & Hands Coursework (available in online format). Her mission is to promote an integrated view of birth,sexuality,family and ecology.

KEYNOTE: Optimal Labour & Birth: An Integrated, Physiologic Approach

Optimal labour and birth involves integrating social, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the process with the physical. How can we, as care providers, most effectively promote this, and what are the challenges inherent in doing so? In the holistic module of care, we refrain from giving advice unless it is requested, and yet seek to stimulate our clients’ desire for information and their ability to identify areas where it is most needed in order to promote optimal wellbeing. Not only is this critical during the antepartum and intrapartum periods, but also postpartum with regards to optimal recovery and personal/family integration. Practical tools to facilitate this will be presented, along with case histories.

In addition, understanding the deeper physiology of birth can help us better prepare our clients for labour and learn how best to assist them during the process. Discover the correlation between high levels of oxytocin and altered states in labour, learn more about the natural pause-points (or plateaus) that occur during birth and how they link to female sexual response, with scientific evidence to support these pause-points not only as normal and functional, but as potentially transformative.


IIMHCO is thrilled to confirm Dr Ricardo Jones as an honoured guest. Dr Ric Jones is arguably the world’s leading homeopathic Ob-Gyn. Greatly admired, he worked for decades “catching babies” in Brazil with his close-net team of Obstetrician-Midwife-Doula. Dr Jones is also an immensely respected author on the topic of humanistic obstetrics. Today he travels the world giving training workshops on Obstetric Homeopathy, and lecturing on the Humanization of Birth. Amongst other roles, Dr Jones is also a member of REHUNA (Network for Humanization of Childbirth), member of HumPar (Assoc of Humanization of Childbirth), Consultant for ANDO (Brazil’s National Assoc of Doulas), Consultant for CMM (Uruguay’s Montevideo Maternity Perinatal Institute), Contributor to IMBCI (International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative), and has been a Clinical Physician with the Homeopathic League for 2½ decades. Dr Jones has authored two renown books “Memories of the Glass Man – Reminiscences of a Humanistic Doctor” and “Between the Ears – Birth Stories”. He has also collaborated on many books with other world influencers such as Marcus Renato de Carvalho, Robbie Davis-Floyd, and Sylvie Donna, including “Breastfeeding – Scientific Bases”, “Birth Models that Work”, and “Promoting Normal Birth: Research, Reflections & Guidelines”.

KEYNOTE: Birth in the Perspective of the Subject

In this lecture, Dr Ricardo Jones addresses the central questions of the paradigmatic revolution related to the attention to childbirth that, beginning with the onset of obstetric science and medical intervention in the late seventeenth century, continues to transmute towards a more integrative view of the phenomenon of birth, at the dawn of the 21st century.

Through the most important historical references on the emergence of movements to improve the assistance of childbirth in the world, he discusses with the audience, the main themes of this debate: the agency restored to women in childbirth, the interdisciplinary view of birth and the linkage of the postulates of humanization with the medicine of the late 20th century, known as “Evidence-Based Medicine.” With clear language, scientifically structured and with humor he analyzes the serious problems that we are facing: the excess of interventions, objetualization of patients, epidemic of caesarean sections, unreasonable protocols to childbirth, etc. At the same time, he discusses what he calls “the best of two worlds”: a woman-centered obstetric care that provides affective, emotional, psychological and spiritual support for pregnant women, as well as guaranteeing access to medical technologies for those cases in which there is a deviation of normality. The idea of “obstetrics in the perspective of the subject” arises, with this keynote focusing on the understanding the dilemmas of childbirth in contemporary western societies.


As a respected doctor and clinician with 25 years’ experience, Dr Emma Parry has won many awards for her work in medicine and has held several senior leadership and governance roles. She is especially interested in screening, nutrition, complex multiple pregnancy and improving maternal and perinatal health in the developing world, and is a great supporter of Integrative Maternity HealthCare.

Dr Parry established the New Zealand Maternal Fetal Medicine Network, which ensures women have access to excellent perinatal care. She was also media spokesperson for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for 8 years. In 2015 she received an award for Excellence in Teaching from the University of Auckland.

For Parry, a career obstetrics and gynaecology was a natural fit. “I love working with people and getting through road blocks,” she says. “I’m a ‘doing’ person, so the operating part of the specialty really appealed to me. I also like dealing with complex problems which you get in high-risk obstetrics. Delivering babies is amazing. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. And I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.”

Having completed her degree and training in London, she moved to Auckland Hospital, which has one of the country’s largest maternity units. “[New Zealanders] get a lot done. There’s an openness here, less of a hierarchy; you can just get on with things.”

KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned from introducing Integrated Maternity HealthCare across Bhutan

A significant highlight for Dr Emma Parry, was leading the introduction in Bhutan on the inception and development of a perinatal unit, and countrywide network, based on holistic traditional integrative medicine and modern obstetric medicine. A fascinating journey with much wisdom gained. This included three months solidly on the ground, and ongoing supportive assistance, with deaths and serious injury for mothers and babies significantly reduced because of this initiative.

Parry says she is proud to be working in New Zealand’s health field. “We have world-leading researchers and pioneers. I love that we were the first to give women the vote and I love being part of a multicultural society that’s not based on hierarchy.”


Maha Al Musa is an the founder and educator of EmbodyBirth™, an award winning author, and creator of the Dance of the Womb – The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth book (endorsed by Dr. Michel Odent and Sheila Kitzinger) and the follow on BellydanceBirth® Practice Video Series. Maha is also an international maternity speaker, and breastfeeding advocate. Maha gave birth to her last, her daughter Aminah, when she was 46 years of age – a home water lotus birth and breastfed her till she self-weaned at 8.5 years.

Maha has been featured and interviewed on multiple TV shows and magazines including A Discovery Channel documentary (Shocking Breastfeeding); CNN International, Daily Mail UK, Huffington Post Canada and UK, Daily Telegraph, New York Post, Independent UK; Sunrise TV, A Current Affair, The Morning Show, Inside Story Australia, Woman’s Day, Take 5, and Marie Claire.

Through her birth work Maha wants to encourage EVERY expectant woman to align with the innate birth intelligence that resides within their womb and trust in its guidance.

KEYNOTE: With Woman – Understanding Osmotic Sensory Embodiment as a powerful tool

What is osmotic sensory embodiment? How can it affect the birth process and outcome? And what do we need to consider so we can enhance its positive qualities for mothers and babies? What does it mean for care providers to truly be with “woman in childbirth?” For a mother to be with her own woman and baby?

The energetic birth field, regardless of the external physical environment of birth, resonates at a particular vibration that is a reflection of those who inhabit its space, whether that be birth care providers or family members. In turn these influences profoundly affect a mother and baby’s embodiment and experience of childbirth for better or worse.

It is absolutely essential that care providers and all those who are in the birth space become conscious of what gets transmitted to the mother and baby and the impact of its profound effects. We must recognise that the presence of those within the birth field, both physically and energetically can play a key role in how the birth narrative unfolds.

A willingness to understand these influences, is a great necessity if we truly want to support the richness of a mother-baby experience of birth in the most courageous, optimal and nourishing way. Within this framework we explore the idea of how a mother can safely and securely embody her birth, where she is able to actively listen to her body and baby speak with autonomy, so that the innate primal processes will be guided by her mammalian instincts. We look within as care providers so that the woman can feel our presence in the form of connectedness and loving kindness. We are her protector not just her provider.

When we actively do this reflection, we clarify our role so we can grow our personal inquiry in order to honour our own sense of what is needed from maternal care. We can also ask ourselves to authentically explore what it means to become embodied in our own presence. It is through honesty, body awareness, personal exploration and the intention to be with woman, not from an intellectual standpoint but also through a connection with our own intuitive flow that we can bring positive respectful change for birth, because we are all in this together.


Brad Crouch’s incredible medical herbalism knowledge within the specialty of Maternal Wellness makes him arguably the top naturopathic expert in New Zealand … and his last keynote at our 2015 Integrative Maternity HealthCare conference received unprecedented “fan feedback” from the attending delegates.

Brad is a general family naturopath who has earned the respect of members of the obstetric medical profession in Auckland and throughout the world. This is particularly because of his outstanding work and successes in helping patients with infertility to achieve natural conception, and maintain their pregnancy.

He tirelessly researches his remedies and believes that as a naturopath he needs to be open to new ideas from all cultures and corners of the globe. This allows him to be at the forefront of new techniques and discoveries. From Calcium to Cohosh, and 5-W to Blessed Thistle, Brad is a Guru of naturopathic maternity healthcare.

KEYNOTE: Integrating Iridology as a Diagnostic Tool

Brad’s reputation of creating miracles, has made him into an iconic infertility specialist for many decades … with over 50,000 patients, all just through word-of-mouth. He is undoubtedly one of NZ’s most renowned and internationally-respected gynaecological and obstetric medical herbalists. And one of Brad’s most-used tools in his toolbelt, is Iridology.

Iridology (and sclerology) are not forms of treatment — they are diagnostic assessment tools. Iridology reads the colours and characteristics of the iris, and sclerology examines the red lines in the whites of the eyes.
Iridology can provide a vast array of information about genetic predispositions, as well as current health challenges, and sclerology gives very specific information about current health issues and the causes at an anatomical level.
Because iridology is not a treatment, most iridologists are Naturopaths who have also studied a complementary medicine such as medical herbalism, in order to treat disease.

Iridology and Sclerology can be useful for practically everything as an extraordinarily valuable diagnostic tool to identify dis-ease and confirm wellness.
This plenary keynote will be a fascinatingly educational introductory overview to Iridology from one of the world’s top Iridological experts in Women’s Health. We are thrilled to have Brad back with us again.


Loula George is a registered naturopath and medical herbalist. She has specialised in fertility and women’s health for the last 25 years. Loula is also a director of Auckland’s Mother-Well Holistic Health, an integrated, multidisciplinary health centre with a focus on fertility, women and children’s health. Her passion is educating couples about the importance of preconception care. Loula also offers genetic analyses as a way to optimise the chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy and a healthy child who has a greater opportunity to reach their potential in their lives.

KEYNOTE: Epigenetics – The Evidence for the Importance of Preconception Health Care

Loula George has been specialising in the area of fertility for over 25 years. In the last 5 years she has incorporated genetic analyses into her work with couples. In doing so she has made some profound discoveries that have helped couples understand their fertility and more importantly increase their chances of not only conceiving but having healthy pregnancies and giving their children a greater chance to achieve optimal health as they grow.

DNA testing offers a chance to fine tune dietary and lifestyle choices to optimise prospective parents’ health and thus pass on a stronger, healthier genetic imprint to their children and possibly their grandchildren. Loula will go over a number of cases to illustrate how she uses genetic analyses to help couples in their quest to have healthy babies.

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