CONFERENCE POSTPONED
                                 It was with much sadness we needed to postpone our March 2020 Maternity Natural Health Symposium.
                                                                   We will advise, as soon as feasible, the new dates for this event


These events are RANZCOG accredited Educational Activities. 

The events are Australian College of Midwives CPD Recognised Activities.

These events are approved as Continuing Midwifery Education hours by the Midwifery Council NZ.

For other Health Professionals, IIMHCO can provide an Attendance Certificates for your Portfolio.

We have been somewhat overloaded in the past with receiving so many fabulous submissions, and we look forward to feeling overwhelmed again!

It is always a difficult and fine balance, between giving as many Speakers as possible an opportunity to present for their optimum time – while we work hard trying to fulfil everyone’s hopes to share such incredibly valuable wisdom.

ABSTRACTS DEADLINE: 15 December 2019



Abstracts should naturally be aligned with IIMHCO core values:

  • At its most simplistic Definition: IMHC (Integrative Maternity HealthCare) is the maternal-neonatal “division” of IM (Integrative Medicine).
  • IIMHCO Conference Purpose: The opportunity for Maternity health specialist professionals of all modalities, to convene under one roof, to connect and communicate with each other … From Midwives to Medical Herbalists, from Hypnobirthers to Homeopaths, from Obstetricians to Osteopaths – and every therapeutic discipline in-between.
  • IIMHCO Mission Statement: A visionary aim for the revolutionary Maternity-Care cross-discipline exchange of progressive research, innovative knowledge, enlightened experience and radical ideas; in a medically professional and universally holistic environment of liberal open-mindedness; for the compelling passion to create a global impact, by giving Women worldwide access to triadic body-mind-spirit maternal-neonatal health well-being, inspired by the values of humanistic empowerment.
  • WHO Mandate: “Optimal health and well-being are inclusive of the physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life.”
  • Outdated Outmoded Titles: We do not believe IM should continue to be refer to Itself as Complementary (meaning combined with allopathic) or that it should continue to refer to Itself as Alternative (meaning an unconventional substitution). Oftentimes the Complementary/Alternative treatment alone can be the complete remedy, and the Remedy itself is oftentimes substantially more ancient and proven than the modern equivalent drug.
  • Overdue Updated Titles: We suggest a modernising of terminology to be TCHTs (Traditional & Contemporary Holistic Therapies) & MMTs (Modern Medical Treatments)
  • NB: IIMHCO endorses that maternity health professionals incorporating these therapies into their practice should either have undertaken a recognized education qualification or refer clients to appropriately qualified practitioners.


We are especially keen to receive Abstracts aligning with these Themes:

  • Pragmatic ‘real-world’ research
  • New knowledge and innovative methodologies
  • Clinical hypothesis of unique insights and/or novel findings yet to be explored that warrant attention
  • Case Presentations welcome

Abstract Submissions are invited for the following Presentation Types:

Author’s preferred presentation type will be taken into consideration by the Conference Program management upon making the final decisions.

  • Individual Oral Presentation: 10-20mins incl question-time, typically 15mins
  • Symposium Panel: Structured interactive session clustered around a theme and presented by topic experts
  • Poster Presentation: A1-size graphical poster which summarises key information (Authors may or may not be asked to attend their poster during a session to answer delegate questions)

 Abstract Submission Specifics:

  • Email to info@iimhco.com as an Attachment. Subject-Line: Abstract Submission & Your Name. ONE PAGE ONLY ­total (pdf format recommended).
  • Header: Include in the Header your name, title, profession, address, email & mobile. And note your preference for Individual oral, or Symposium panel, or Poster presentation
  • Title: A short main Title please, with a longer By-Line if needed
  • Abstract Word-Count 250-300 max. Compulsory Headings: Background, Focus of discussion, and Implications.
  • Optional Abstract Subheadings: Methods, Results, Rationale, Objectives, Summary, Outcomes, and/or Conclusion.
  • Social Media: Your Twitter/Instagram/FaceBook/LinkedIn Handles if avail (for IIMHCO potentially promoting via Social Media). And a Presentation Summary of 150 characters (not 150 words).
  • Multiple submissions are permitted on various topics from the same Author.


The student award grant will be $750

  • Presentation Abstracts are welcomed from Students from any medical and/or holistic education that involves maternal/neonatal health and wellness.
  • Authors must be a full-time Student at the time of both the Abstract submission, and their IIMHCO Conference attendance.
  • Please simply note at the top of your Abstract Submission that it is a Student Award application.