These events are RANZCOG accredited Educational Activities. 

The events are Australian College of Midwives CPD Recognised Activities.

These events are approved as Continuing Midwifery Education hours by the Midwifery Council NZ.

For other Health Professionals, IIMHCO can provide an Attendance Certificates for your Portfolio.

Sunday 22nd March 2020 Expo Programme Outline

8.15amOpening Address
8.30am Plenary Keynote:
DR RICARDO JONES - Arguably the world's Top Homeopathic Obstetrician and world expert lecturer on Humanistic Obstetrics, this is Ric's first time teaching in NZ
9.45am Plenary Keynote:
MAHA AL MUSA - With her hectic international schedule of maternity speaking, breastfeeding advocacy and BellydanceBirth teachings, Maha is an expert in Osmotic Sensory Embodiment
10.30am Break
11.00am Plenary Keynote:
DR EMMA PARRY - One of NZ's highest-achieving Obstetricians, Emma is a leading light in maternity wellness from the Holistic perspective
11.30amPlenary Keynote:
LOULA GEORGE – One of the founding directors of Mother-Well, this naturopath and medical herbalist is using the emerging science of Epigenetics to help couples with fertility issues.
12.00pm Plenary Keynote:
BRAD CROUCH - Returning due to popular demand, Brad this time will be explaining the fascinating tool of Iridology within naturopathy and medical herbalism
12.30pm Break
1.15pm Concurrent Breakout Session-1
1.45pm Concurrent Breakout Session-2
2.15pm Concurrent Breakout Session-3
2.45pmConcurrent Breakout Session-4
3.30pm Plenary Keynote:
MENG "JENNY" XUE - One of China's absolute leaders in Modern Maternity care incorporating Western Obstetrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and European Homeopathy [translation assistance from UK/Kiwi midwife Irene Chain-Kalinowski]
4.15pmPlenary Keynote:
ELIZABETH DAVIS - America's "Goddess" of Midwifery and author of the Midwifery textbook bible "Heart & Hands" (best-seller since 1981). It is divine to have Elizabeth returning!
5.30pm Closing
5.45pm Networking
7pmOptional Gala Dinner, mingling with keynotes & featuring the fabulous Lucy Bloom as keynote speaker