Sunday 22nd March 2020 Expo Programme Outline

8.15amOpening Address
8.30am Plenary Keynote:
DR RICARDO JONES - Arguably the world's Top Homeopathic Obstetrician and world expert lecturer on Humanistic Obstetrics, this is Ric's first time teaching in NZ
9.45am Plenary Keynote:
MAHA AL MUSA - With her hectic international schedule of maternity speaking, breastfeeding advocacy and BellydanceBirth teachings, Maha is an expert in Osmotic Sensory Embodiment
10.30am Break
11.00am Plenary Keynote:
DR EMMA PARRY - One of NZ's highest-achieving Obstetricians, Emma is a leading light in maternity wellness from the Holistic perspective
11.30amPlenary Keynote:
LOULA GEORGE – One of the founding directors of Mother-Well, this naturopath and medical herbalist is using the emerging science of Epigenetics to help couples with fertility issues.
12.00pm Plenary Keynote:
BRAD CROUCH - Returning due to popular demand, Brad this time will be explaining the fascinating tool of Iridology within naturopathy and medical herbalism
12.30pm Break
1.15pm Concurrent Breakout Session-1
1.45pm Concurrent Breakout Session-2
2.15pm Concurrent Breakout Session-3
2.45pmConcurrent Breakout Session-4
3.30pm Plenary Keynote:
MENG "JENNY" XUE - One of China's absolute leaders in Modern Maternity care incorporating Western Obstetrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and European Homeopathy [translation assistance from UK/Kiwi midwife Irene Chain-Kalinowski]
4.15pmPlenary Keynote:
ELIZABETH DAVIS - America's "Goddess" of Midwifery and author of the Midwifery textbook bible "Heart & Hands" (best-seller since 1981). It is divine to have Elizabeth returning!
5.30pm Closing
5.45pm Networking
7pmOptional Gala Dinner, mingling with keynotes & featuring the fabulous Lucy Bloom as keynote speaker